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Our horses

Lækjamót is a horse breeding farm by the Lækjamót family starting with Þórir and Elín and continuing with Sonja, Friðrik, Ísólfur, Vigdís and Guðmar Líndal.  The Lækjamót family runs an ambitious breeding program aiming to produce the ultimate Icelandic horse. Horses raised at Lækjamót II experience varied landscape on over 2,500 acres of land with lowlands, heaths and valleys, all of which strengthen the horse in its formative years. At Lækjamót II you will find the offspring of elite mares. Here below you can see some of the breeding mares at Lækjamót bred by Ísólfur Líndal and Guðmar Líndal. 


Breeding mares


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