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Meet The Team

I, Ísó, my girlfriend Spire and my son Guðmar all live in Björg in Hörgárdalur in north of Iceland.

We have 25 horses in the stables here at Björg and we love it here. 


Dr. Susanne Braun

 is a vet specialized in horses and chiropractic. She comes regularly to us at Björg and has helped many of our horse so they have been able to use their body correctly. 


James Faulkner

is the owner of the company Paceland in Sweden. He is a educated Riding instructor  from Hólar University.   He is a part of our family and our co-worker in Europe.  James has always a high quality horses for sale and follow you the whole way through from buying and building up your new horse with a professional riding instruction. 


James Doe

Guðmundur Arnarsson

 is one of the owner of the store Ástund.  He is a riding instructor from Hólar University and has specialized as a saddle fitter. Mummi as we call him makes sure we always use high quality saddles and tacks that are good for our horses. 


James Doe

Sonja Líndal

Is a veterinarian specialized in equine dentistry. Sonja is a skilled rider and is educated as a riding instructor from Hólar University. Sonja examines our horses dental health on regular bases and keeps them healthy, balanced and happy. 

Our beloved Vigdís

Born 22.01.1970 Died 31.01.2023

Our beloved Vigdís, wife and mother passed away at a young age batteling cancer. She was the glue to our family and was always helping others in need. She took care of filming and editing content for IsoOnline. 

She marks a great place in so many hearts and we will remember her always with joy and happines.

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