Vörður, smaller circle – bigger circle

Vörður, smaller circle – bigger circle


Now is August 2021 and Vörður is learning to move his body in and out of circle, listen more to the legs and seat from the rider, soften against the trainers aids. Very good for horses at all levels.

Total length: 13:40 min.

"A horse is the best listener you can get"
– Ísólfur Líndal

We are thankful for all support to continue our work.

kt. 651022-0100

IBAN: IS65 0133 2600 7603 6510 2201 00


Riding a good circle is easier said than done. Vörður is ready to learn more and has a good basic understanding. Now the next step is to be able to control his leg more to help him with his balance when going straight.  Good step towards that is to teach him to move in and out of the circle both on walk and then tölt or trot which is much more difficult to start with.


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