Training Trot, activating the Hindquarters

Training Trot, activating the Hindquarters


How do we activate the Hind on Trot and what do we benefit from it? Does the mind of the horse matter?

Total length 20 min.

We can can activate the legs more to get bigger steps and more body function on Trot. One way to improve the Trot is to activate the Hindquarters of the horse.  It is important that the horse knows the answer on walk before moving it up to Trot or Tölt.  It is also important that the horse mind is focused, with you and not stressed.

In the beginning of the video Ísó horse does not want to stand still, he has a lot of energy and wants to rush on and start to move. It was not supposed to be part of this lessons but Ísó explains what he does so the horse learns to be relaxed before starting the training.


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