Choosing Bit for your horse

Choosing Bit for your horse

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dr. Sonja Líndal is a Vetenerian specialist in Equine dentistry explains what is important to have in mind when choosing the right Bit for your horse.

Full length: 14:30 min.

"A horse is the best listener you can get"
– Ísólfur Líndal

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Very interesting demonstration with our Team Expert dr. Sonja Líndal about the effects different kind of Bit can have on your horse. Sonja is a Veterinarian and has specialized in teeth health of horses.

What do we need to have in mind when choosing a bit, how is the mouth of a horse from Nature, does length of the Bit matter and so on. The health of the teeth can affect many things for the horse, so it is important to take good care of them.

1 review for Choosing Bit for your horse

  1. Andrea Barber

    Excellent video! I look forward to seeing more videos about this often overlooked topic.

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