Canter training, when out of balance

Canter training, when out of balance

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Training a horse on canter who has a lot of problem lifting it self from the ground and mostly thinking about pace. Ísó has some important tips to work on to improve the canter.

"A horse is the best listener you can get"
– Ísólfur Líndal

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Some horses are finding it hard to be in balance on canter. They can be on four beat and having it hard to lift themselves up from the ground. It is more common with horses that have pace. In this video you can see what Iso thinks is important to focus on, what you can do to help your horse and what is important to have in mind when working on improving this kind of canter.

1 review for Canter training, when out of balance

  1. hogagard

    Your review *Thanks for the great video of the galopp work. Good instruction.

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